Monday, June 11, 2007

Memory quilts

Here are some recent examples of my memory quilts that I've been making. I take pieces of clothing that your baby has outgrown, cut them into squares, and then create a one of a kind, heirloom quality quilt. They are backed with cotton chenille and are hand quilted with buttons.

It’s so easy to pack your child’s clothing away as he outgrows them. The blue layette he wore home from the hospital, the tiny shirt and tie he wore for his first Thanksgiving, the dinosaur pajamas he wanted to wear every night. But, instead of packing away all of those memories, have them made into a Memory Quilt that you both will cherish forever.

It takes 13-15 pieces of clothing for a 30” quilt, 18-20 pieces for a 36” quilt, and 25-27 pieces for a 42” quilt. So, gather your child’s favorite outfits, and send them to me, and in 3-5 weeks you’ll have a quilt filled with childhood memories. Email me for more information at

(made with newborn/toddler clothing)
30" x 30" Memory Blanket - $65.00
36" x 36" Memory Blanket - $95.00
42" x 42" Memory Blanket - $145.00
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